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It’s that time of year again when the streets are bustling with Xmas shoppers rushing from shop to shop. For catering outlets, this rush brings about a boom in business, and a large percentage of this increase is in the takeaway side of the business.

All that last-minute shopping and rushing about buying all the food and beverages means that busy consumers are more likely to grab a quick coffee on the go. However, these same consumers are also a lot savvier as to the detrimental environmental effects of their actions.

Enter the 100% compostable, disposable coffee cup!

Let your customers enjoy a guilt-free latte and boost your brand image at the same time by serving your beverages in fully customisable Christmas themed coffee cups that can be easily disposed of without harming the planet.

Here are just a few of the advantages of dispensing your drinks in a product that will harmlessly break down in about the same amount of time as a newspaper does.

1.    Stay ahead of the competition

We have all become aware that we are amid an environmental crisis. This has seen an exponential rise in consumers basing purchasing decisions on the environmental impact of their choice.

By switching to a fully compostable cup, you are showing the consumer that yours is a responsible operation, with the planet’s best interests at its heart. This can have a large impact on influencing the consumers choice when it comes to selecting which coffee shop to buy their beverages from.

2.     Increase brand loyalty

For much the same reasons, serving your takeaway drinks in compostable coffee cups is a great way to increase brand loyalty. With so much emphasis placed on the unsustainability of our current consumer habits, switching to an entirely sustainable product will increase footfall numbers and keep customers coming back for more.

3.     Let’s not forget the planet

Of course, the driving force behind switching to sustainable options is the damage that is being done to the environment through wastage and overuse of resources. Unfortunately, disposable coffee cups are some of the worst offenders.

Each year we use 16 billion disposable cups worldwide. Sadly, many of these are destined for landfills and our oceans. The problem is that these are not easily recyclable, they may be described as paper cups, but for the most part, they are plastic coated.

This makes them difficult and expensive to recycle.

At Think Greener, our disposable cups are different. We use a water-based aqueous coating instead of plastic, and the result is an easily recycled cup that can be broken down in a home compost bin.

4.     Take full advantage of the holiday season

With the streets bustling and the weather at its mid-winter worst, warm drinks are an essential fuel to keep us warm as we dash about. Hot chocolates, teas, and coffees add that inner glow to everyone’s festive cheer.

A Christmas themed disposable cup that wishes your customers all the season’s greetings will add some cheer to their day, and your message will stick with them the whole year-round.

5.     It’s a cost-effective way to advertise

Disposable cups are one of the most cost-effective ways of getting your custom message out there and increasing brand exposure. There are no additional costs of having to pay for a display room for your message or other overheads. 

They also come with a captured market. On average, it takes about 15 minutes to finish a hot beverage, during which time your message is on display to the customer and all those around them.


Here at Think Greener, we care deeply about the planet, and we love environmental solutions that don’t compromise on quality. Our disposable coffee cups are all about sustainability without compromise.

So give yourself, your customers, and the planet a Christmas gift that is bound to bring cheer this year and serve them their hot drinks in a truly sustainable manner.