The Responsible Cup

Change is afoot!
The single use paper cup must try harder!

Introducing a truly environmentally friendly alternative to conventional disposable cups.

We just know you’ll love the next bit.

Our cups are not just recyclable but honestly & truly biodegradable & compostable too.

Until now the traditional paper beverage cup can only be composted if it finds its way into an industrial compostable waste bin.
Seen many of those about?  Didn’t think so!

And your home compost bin simply won’t do.
That is because old school paper cups contain stubborn plastic liners.
As we well know, this sh*t don’t break down easily people!

Lots of hot heat – a minimum Mucho Scorchio  55° C to be precise; and a whole heap of other conditions are needed just to properly break down one little cup.
Chances are we’ve just used more energy than we’ve saved…..oops!

Our free from nasty plastics cups are easy to adios too. Once you’ve tipped down that last drop of delicious tasty beverage you can dispose of them in any normal paper recycling bin.

Our cup will go through the same process as a newspaper. Food safe inks getting washed clean away with the remaining paper being reincarnated; showing up somewhere else as something completely new.

Find yourself near a compost bin? That will do nicely.
Our plastic free cup lining is biodegradable so unlike the so called compostable cups already on the market, ours will really break down; even in your home compost bin.

Oh, and all of our cups are made from paperboard that comes from sustainably forested trees.
It’s Nice to be Nice!  

Did someone mention Lids?

We have tons of options to suit hot and cold drinks.

Sip through, push a straw and domed smoothie lids – All Biodegradable, Compostable & Recyclable.

Go Greener than Green with THINK
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