How to Get the Most From Disposable Cup Branding

Branded disposable paper coffee cups

If done properly, disposable cup branding can be a hugely effective method of getting your brand message out there! But to maximise its effectiveness, it needs to be done correctly. This guide lists some fantastic tips that can help you get the most benefit from disposable cup branding. Maximising the Benefits of Disposable Cup Branding … Read more

Disposable Pint Cups – The Good, The Bad, and the Downright Ugly

Disposable plastic pint cups polution

Why 100% compostable paper pint cups are the good guys! For the hospitality industry, disposable cups of all sizes have always been a convenient way of coping with situations like busy nights, weddings, festivals and other outside catering functions. Cheap, lightweight, and convenient, they seemed like the perfect solution for keeping customers happy and bar … Read more

Why Your Business Should Switch To Brandable And 100% Compostable Disposable Cups

Barista pouring milk into a compostable coffee cup.

Whether you run a burger van or a specialty coffee shop, the chances are a large percentage of your beverages are dispensed in disposable cups. Each day millions of disposable cups are used worldwide. But we are all acutely aware of the precipice the world teeters on. Overuse of resources, pollution and rising CO2 levels … Read more

Compostable Pint Cups – The Perfect Eco-Friendly Solution For Those Busy Nights

Beer Bar with disposable pint cups

Bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other entertainment outlets have faced a tough time recently. But as we move into 2022, the signs are more positive that things are improving and customers will continue to flock back. Of course, this brings its own set of problems, all those busy nights put a strain on the cup stock … Read more

Why Truly Compostable Paper Cups are Important?

100% Compostable Paper Cup

Let’s start with the bad news – Traditional plastic-coated disposable cups are terrible for the planet. Estimates vary about how many are used each year, but the figure is going to lie somewhere between two recent estimates of 2.5 billion and 5 billion. Another statistic that emphasises the point is the fact that in Ireland … Read more

Spread The Cheer With Christmas Themed Compostable Paper Cups

Couple holding christmas themed compostable cups at a Christmas Bazaar

It’s that time of year again when the streets are bustling with Xmas shoppers rushing from shop to shop. For catering outlets, this rush brings about a boom in business, and a large percentage of this increase is in the takeaway side of the business. All that last-minute shopping and rushing about buying all the … Read more

Sustainability Hacks for Every Coffee Shop

Coffee shop owner holding two paper bags and two compostable coffee cups

There is no doubt that a climate crisis is upon us, and to protect the planet, we all need to look at a more sustainable approach to how we live. Every person and business needs to be conscious of the environmental impact of their actions. However, it may seem that changing your coffee shop to … Read more