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THINK Greener could quite easily have been called THINK Green. In fact it nearly was but the domain name was already taken.

Looking back we’re kinda glad it was.

That’s because at THINK we like to go that extra little bit in everything we do.

We’re not just Green; we’re Greener than Green.

When we started to research the disposable cup market, with a view to becoming Cup Gods; we made an interesting discovery. Many of the long established supposedly responsible suppliers of eco-friendly, recyclable, compostable, biodegradable single use beverage cups or EFRCBSUBCs for short, were, well, how would you say it – telling a bit of a tall tale.

Perhaps they genuinely believed that what they were selling was good enough to be considered a friend of Mother Nature; but we had our suspicions.

We dug a little deeper only to discover that the sneaky plastic linings used to waterproof the inside of the cups could weather any storm or compost bin or recycling facility or nuclear attack and probably out live us all.

So we set about to produce a truly innocent cup; one that would biodegrade like a boss, compost like one too and practically recycle itself.

We love being part of a good thing.
We hope you will too.