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If done properly, disposable cup branding can be a hugely effective method of getting your brand message out there! But to maximise its effectiveness, it needs to be done correctly.

This guide lists some fantastic tips that can help you get the most benefit from disposable cup branding.

Maximising the Benefits of Disposable Cup Branding

We use billions of disposable cups daily. This means that for a branding exercise to work, it has to stand out from the crowd. A truly effective branded cup will boost customer loyalty, drive sales upward, and increase brand awareness.

Here are some tips to help you achieve just that:

1.    Think Green!

As already noted, we use billions of disposable cups daily. One report from states that we use 500 billion plastic cups each year. This is simply unsustainable. This is something that consumers are also aware of and are adjusting their shopping habits accordingly.

This means that stamping your brand on a product that consumers are turning against is not a good idea! Additionally, traditional plastic-coated paper coffee cups are not a solution; these are incredibly difficult to recycle.

Opt for truly biodegradable and compostable cups to stamp your brand message on. Think Greener’s Compostable Cups use plastic-free cup linings, which means they will biodegrade at about the same rate as a sheet of newspaper does, even in your home compost bin.

2.    Think Bold!

A disposable cup doesn’t have a lot of real estate on which to display your message. The trick is to think big and bold! It might seem like a good idea to have an intricately typed mission statement on your cup. The buyer might enjoy the read as they drink their coffee. But effectively, all this does is restrict your message to an audience of one.

This misses a huge opportunity to spread brand awareness. Branded cups should be designed not just to appeal to the buyer. But also to their work colleagues, passers-by, and the general public at large. (Remember to be proud of the green credentials of your cup and brand.)

3.    Think Outside of the Box!

A distinctive design that is eye-catching and unique will help build your brand identity and let your product stand out from the competition. Taking a wander along the local High Street and noting what the competition is doing is a good exercise.

Ask yourself what caught your eye about certain designs. Or what didn’t you like about certain designs? This will give you the right angle to approach your design philosophy. The trick is to take inspiration from the competition and not just clone what they are doing.

4.    Think Consistency!

Think of the success of chains like Starbucks to get an idea of why consistency is essential. Glance at any Starbucks shop, cup, sugar sachet, or other merchandise, and you know exactly who you are looking at.

Okay, you might not be aiming to become the next Starbucks, but businesses of all sizes can take a leaf out of this book. This consistent approach lets people easily identify your brand and your product.

5.    Think Simplicity!

Finally, keeping it simple is easy as following the previous steps:

  • A simple message – Keep it simple, big, and bold.
  • Simple to dispose of – Use fully compostable disposable cups that are 100% sustainable and contain no plastics.
  • A simple design – A simple design that is clearly eligible from a distance will help spread your message to a far greater audience.

Simplicity is the key to great disposable cup branding. But remember that simplicity does mean boring! Some of the most effective of all branding campaigns are based on the simplest designs!

Putting a Lid on It

At Think Greener, we have the perfect product to help spread a positive brand message. Our range of aqueous-coated disposable cups is the perfect vehicle for your branding message. These are a plastic-free solution (even the lids!) that can be easily disposed of in any paper recycling bin.

Contact us to find out more about how our product and design service can help spread positive vibes about our brand!