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There is no doubt that we need to rethink the way we use and dispose of the resources that mother nature has provided us with. Single-use plastics are one of the major areas that we need to concentrate on.

Unfortunately, for the festival or event organiser, this presents a bit of a headache!

This is one area where the use of disposable plastic cups has always been considered a necessity. But times have changed, and we need to look at the bigger picture.

Each year the world uses a staggering 500 billion plastic cups and glasses. This is simply unsustainable, and all over the world, legislation is being introduced to curb this wastage.

So, what next for the event or festival organiser?

Luckily, there is a perfect solution. Fully compostable paper pint cups are the perfect answer. These break down at about the same rate as a sheet of newspaper does.

It gets better! Fully brandable, these cups don’t just cut down on plastic usage but can also proudly display all the details of your event and just how it is helping to save the environment!

Why switching to a compostable pint cup is important

A recent study undertaken in the UK and Ireland concluded that in bars, festivals, and events, over 100 million plastic cups are used annually. A truly sad fact is that most of these will inevitably end up in landfill sites, or worse – our oceans.

This has a huge environmental impact, and these days we are acutely aware that time is short when it comes to protecting the planet from our resource-hungry ways.

Compostable pint cups are manufactured using sustainably sourced materials and then coated not with plastic but with a water-based aqueous coating making the whole product as easily recycled as a newspaper.

The best bit is that these let you tell people how kind to the environment you are! These aren’t just a compostable solution, but a brandable solution too, and this partnership can bring a host of benefits to event organisers or business owners – Here are some of the key ones.

How switching to compostable cups can help your event or business

Apart from the obvious fact that these help the planet in its time of dire need, they can also benefit your business, event, or festival in some surprising ways:

1.     Boost your event profile and attendance

Consumers and event attendees are more conscious than ever when it comes to environmental issues. Many more people now make purchasing and attendance decisions based on which offering is least detrimental to the environment.

Using disposable pint cups gives you the edge over the competition by offering a truly environment-friendly option that can be disposed of in any paper-recycling bin or simply thrown into a compost heap to help nurture nature!

2.     Get your message across

Brandable cups are an amazing way of boosting your brand image and letting people know that your organisation cares about the planet. This not only boosts your profile but also helps build brand trust and loyalty by sending a message that resonates with consumers.

Unlike plastic cups which are costly, difficult, and largely ineffective when it comes to branding, compostable paper cups and ice cream cups make the ideal medium to stamp your message loud and clear on the cup and in consumers’ minds!

3.     Affordable

Being environmentally friendly needn’t cost the earth!

At Think Greener, not only have we developed a product that is kind to the planet, but it is also kind to your pocket. Many environmentally friendly solutions are burdened by an expensive price tag. These pint cups offer a fantastic solution to the growing problem of single-use plastics without breaking the bank to do so.

4.     More robust than plastic cups

Cheap plastic cups are fragile and brittle. One little squeeze too hard, and it’s goodbye to your customer’s beer or gin & tonic! Of course, there are sturdier options available, but sturdy means one thing – More plastic, more waste, and even longer to decompose.

Paper pint cups are robust enough not to lose their contents with one careless squeeze and aren’t prone to cracking like brittle plastic cups are.

5.     Completely safe to use

Many people baulk at the use of plastics because of associated health risks. While most of these are slight, the dangers of plastic and styrofoam do exist.

With no plastics used in their manufacture, an event can offer its attendees an absolutely safe alternative to plastic cups.

6.     Let’s not forget the environment

We hate to bang on about this, but the planet is in a perilous state, and every little step we take to help has got to be a good thing.

While plastic cups may not be the most pressing issue the planet faces, it is certainly up there, and as simple as it sounds, if everyone switched to compostable solutions, the results would be instant and game-changing!

Not only do plastic cups end up clogging our landfills and oceans, but they are resource-hungry in manufacture too, and let’s not forget that they are fossil-fuel based.

The circular economy model is something that we should all aspire to, and disposable paper cups have a large part to play in moving towards a truly sustainable future.


Make your event, festival, or just that extra busy night in the bar a truly green one that benefits both the planet and your business by switching to a fully compostable and brandable paper pint cup that will enhance your brand image and help save the planet into the bargain.

At Think Greener, we are committed to making the planet a better place for us and future generations to live in, and we know that our sustainable and compostable solutions will make a big difference.

Why not contact us today to find out more details about how switching to brandable, compostable paper cups and disposable lids can help your business and move us all forward to a sustainable future.