Drink Responsibly – Use a paper pint cup!

Paper for beer is here!
It’s time for single-use plastic to leave the party.

Say cheers to a truly eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic pint glasses.

We just know you’ll raise a toast to this.

At last, there is a truly biodegradable solution to replace all those nasty plastic glasses. Enjoy your beverage with a clear conscience knowing that the vessel you are using is not destined to clog up our landfills and oceans.

The sad fact is that much of the plastic we use is single-use and is destined for a short life of usefulness before lingering around and being a pain for hundreds if not thousands of years.

We don’t like this, and we know you don’t either!

And let’s face it, even if it does end up in the recycling bin, it has to be transported, sorted, possibly rejected (poor thing!), before finally making it to the energy-hungry recycling process. Not ideal!

But now it’s time for the humble paper cup to stand up and take a bow!

Manufactured using wood from sustainable resources and using a water-based coating to ensure that none of those precious drinks are lost, our paper pints are a true environmentally friendly solution.

Compostable Eco Background

Our cup will go through the same process as a newspaper. Recycling our paper pint glasses is easy! Just toss it in a home compost bin or any paper recycling bin, and it can be recycled in exactly the same way as a newspaper is.

Available in a range of sizes from pints to shorts, there is a paper glass solution for all occasions.

It’s closing time for plastic glasses.

One for the road!

Whether it is for an event, festival, party, or just for those busier than usual nights, we have a truly green solution. Drinking responsibly means dropping the plastic and switching to a sustainable product.

Go Greener than Green with THINK
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