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Bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other entertainment outlets have faced a tough time recently. But as we move into 2022, the signs are more positive that things are improving and customers will continue to flock back.

Of course, this brings its own set of problems, all those busy nights put a strain on the cup stock of any establishment, and for many, this means it’s time to roll out the plastic pint cups.

This may seem like a good solution, and in many ways, it is. It frees up bar staff from the constant hassle of trying to keep a stock of clean glasses and allows them to concentrate on keeping customers refreshed. There is no doubt that disposable cups are essential in the catering trade.

But there is a hitch, and it’s a big one!

By their very nature, disposable cups have to be waterproof, and the easy solution is to use plastic. Therein lies the problem, our use of single-use plastic in any form must be reduced.

But as this post discusses, there is a perfect solution – one that can help save the planet and provide a welcome boost in business at the same time!

Plastic-free, compostable, and brandable paper pint cups made using materials from sustainable sources provide all the benefits of plastic cups and more. All without harming the environment or swallowing up precious resources!

The Plastic Problem

The ubiquitous plastic cup has been with us for decades, unfortunately, even if we stopped using it right now, it will still be with us for hundreds, if not thousands of years to come.

The good news is that the world is slowly waking up to this fact, and here at Think Greener, we would like to think that in our own modest way, we are doing our bit to help.

But the size of the plastic problem is huge, and we all have a part to play in reducing our reliance on it. Even if we single out plastic cups, the facts speak for themselves:

  • Disposable Plastic Cups –Each year, the world uses 500 billion plastic cups, which equates to roughly about 63 per person. Most of these are destined for landfill sites or, even more unfortunately, our oceans.
  • Difficult to Recycle – Most plastic cups are made from polystyrene, left to its own devices. Polystyrene can linger for 1000 years or beyond. But, it doesn’t take kindly to being recycled either. In fact, due to the toxic chemicals released during the recycling process, many countries have banned or severely curtailed their recycling.
  • Environmentally Damaging – Plastic is robust stuff, robust enough that the planet is now overflowing with it. Bad enough on its own, wildlife is badly affected, and plastic is now established in our food chain. It is believed that humans ingest anywhere between 40,000 and 50,000 microplastic particles annually.

But, even when it does begin to degrade, the story isn’t over. Polystyrene breaks down into two main toxic chemicals, Benzene and Styrene. These are both classified as carcinogens, and for those who work or live close to landfill sites could be exposed to these chemicals for years to come.

To get a real context on the size of the problem, remember that we are only talking about plastic cups here. Once we consider the 480 billion plastic bottles, 1 trillion single-use plastic bags, or the fact that enough bubblewrap is produced each year to comfortably wrap the whole earth, then the size of the plastic problem becomes apparent.

But there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, so let’s raise a compostable cup in its direction and say cheers to how if we all do little things we can make the world a better place to live.

The Benefits of Switching to Compostable and Brandable Cups

These are scary facts, but the fact is consumers are far more aware of the size of the problem than they were even a few years ago. For the catering trade, this can be looked at as an opportunity, not just to reduce single-plastic usage but also as a way of boosting trade.

Here are some of the ways switching to compostable disposable cups can help your business:

1.    Boost business by building customer trust

With consumers becoming more aware of the environmental issues caused by single-use plastics, switching to compostable pint cups resonates with them and helps your establishment stand out from the competition.

2.    Brilliant for advertising

Unlike plastic cups which aren’t ideal for branding, compostable paper pint cups are the perfect medium for stamping your brand or message onto. At Think Greener, we can customise your cups exactly to your needs.

3.    Robust

Our compostable pint cups use a water-based coating for “drink-proofing” and are far less likely to crack or break than plastic cups are.

4.    Affordable

The catering trade has suffered in the wake of the pandemic. There is, therefore, an obvious need to cut costs. At Think Greener, we believe that environmental solutions only work if they are affordable, so not only do our cups help reduce waste, they won’t put you out of pocket at the same time.

5.    Improve Sales

By not having to worry about keeping the cup shelves stocked, disposable cups free up staff to do what they do best- Serve drinks! Over the course of a busy night, this can add up to a substantial increase in takings.


Of course, as well as all those benefits, by switching to compostable paper cups, cup lids and ice cream cups, you are also doing your own little bit to help the planet. And that’s what it is all about. If we all take a little step towards a more sustainable future, it will soon mount up.

If you would like to know more about our products and how they can help your business, why not contact us today.